Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Time

The title pretty much sums things up at the moment. I've wanted to do an update for a while but just haven't had the time. I've also wanted to take some photos of progress, especially the milk cartons, but again haven't had the time.
I have managed to get a few things done in between fixing cars, attending shows, doing DIY, and wrangling the kids.
I've managed to harvest 3 bins of potatoes and resow, two bins of carrots, again resown, and sort out the crops in the greenhouse - even had the first couple of cucumbers. I've managed to get 40 odd cabbages planted, harvested with my parents-in-law's help a dozen greyhound, and replant them. I've managed to redig and clear last years cabbage/brussel bed and sow with this years crop. They were supposed to go into my own plot but I just haven't had time to get to and dig the bed. Where I'm going to put the winter cabbages and Spring greens I don't know yet.
I also took the decision that I was going to hit the meadow that the undug half of the allotment had become with glyphosphate, managed to cut it down, leave for a week to recover and then spray. I'll hopefully get a chance in a couple of weeks to check on how successful its been and respray if necessary - its likely to be September before I can get back to digging again.
In the bed where my early potatoes were I've now planted this years celery crop, which had actully come on nicely in pots in the cold frame, and some of the second batch of leeks - that only leaves me about 40 to find space for.
And to cap it all I've managed to post an update, even if only a short and wordy one.