Sunday, February 28, 2010

Must Try Harder

No this is not a reference to getting down to the plots, that's very much dictated by the weather at the moment, and as my Sunningdale plot currently looks like a small version of the Great Lakes, I'm not even going near the Bracknell one.
No the must try harder refers to maintaining propper records of sowing times and results. I was trying to work out when I sowed the onion sets in modules last year but can't find any reference to it. I might leave it another couple of weeks with the aim of planting out in late April - I must remember I need 3 weeks between treating the Bracknell plot with Armatilatox and planting out.
Despite all the rain, and it was last nights downpour that flooded the Sunningdale plot I have been able to get somethings done. I've managed to sort part of the top end of the Sunningdale plot out, allowing me to construct another compost bin. This means I've been able to move all the leaf mold to this one, and turn all the rest of the compost into the bay this freed up. The end result is I have 2 turned heaps and a completely spare bay.
I've also managed to complete all the weeding which has also revealed I can't remember what the middle row in the over-wintering onions bed is; other than it's an allium of some kind.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Once more unto the Allotment

The question is has the weather turned or is it just lulling us into a false sense of security? My asparagus at least seems to think spring is here which means I'm going to have to get something of a shift on in getting the bed weeded - I managed about 6 ft today, but then that wasn't today's primary job.
The job for today was to clear last year's brocolli bed, dig it through, and plant this years garlic and shallot crop. Rather than going fo 3 rows of each this year, I've only planted 2 rows of garlic, and therefore 4 rows of shallots. Whether any of them will actually get used is a different question entirely.
In the greenhouse, things are progressing slowly, but the signs so far are better than in previous years - I've actually managed to germinate my Mammoth Onions. If the weather were warmer I'd be able to prick out the Brocolli and Cabbage seedlings, but for the time being they're just going to have to stay in their tubs under a cloche cover. So far joining them are both onions and leeks, sown 3 weeks ago.
Now I have space in the propogator, I can sow Cauliflower, Radichio, my heritage onions, and brussle sprouts. That's a job for tomorrow, along with harvesting more of last years tub potato crop, and replacing them with a selection of the currently sprouting potato's I have. All these are last years harvest as this years seed potatos have just arrived and been put into trays to chit.
It doesn't seem possible that in 6 weeks I'll need to be planting them. Doesn't time fly?